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Cyber Startup Briefing: Noetic Cyber

Briefing: A Way to Turn the Tide on Fake News

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter aren't going to reduce the risk posed by Fake News down to the minimal level needed on their own. It's time they collaborated to get this done - here's how.

Cyber Startup Briefing: Noetic Cyber

Briefing: Deploying STIR/SHAKEN as a Service

All but the largest telecom operators should be looking at deploying the STIR/SHAKEN standard for blocking unwanted calls as a service, managed by a vendor partner, rather than building out their own infrastructure.

Cyber Startup Briefing: Noetic Cyber

White Paper: What to Expect from MDR and MDR Providers

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a critical cybersecurity service category. Sponsored by AT&T, Secureworks, Fortinet and ElevenPaths, this White Paper guides users on what to expect both from their provider and themselves in an MDR partnership.

Cyber Startup Briefing: Noetic Cyber

Briefing: MITRE’s ATT&CK Evals Are Out: Cheers!

The new MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations offer free access to high quality, comparative data on EDR product detection capabilities against APTs on an unprecedented scale. Those that need to - and know how to - can make good use of this data.

Cyber Startup Briefing: Noetic Cyber

Briefing: New STIX & TAXII Releases Approved

The new open standard STIX and TAXII 2.1 releases have been approved by OASIS. A new self-certification program should help drive adoption and enable SOC teams to arrive at faster time to detection and time to mitigation.


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