2018 Events Where Hardenstance Is Speaking Or Attending

Attending 5G World

London, England, June 14th 2018
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Attending the "AT&T Business Summit" 2018

Dallas, Texas
September 25th – 28th 2018
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Attending the SDN World Congress 2018

The Hague, The Netherlands
October 8th – 12th 2018
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Attending BlackHat Europe 2018

London, England
December 3rd – 6th 2018
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Attending the GSM Association's Analyst Day

London, England
December 12th 2018

(PAST) Attended ETSI Security Week

June 11th -13th 2018
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(PAST) Attended InfoSec Europe 2018

London, England
June 5th – 7th 2018
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(PAST) Attended KPN's Industry Analyst Day

Rotterdam, the Netherlands
May 25th 2018

(PAST) Attended AWS Summit London

London, England
May 10th 2018
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(PAST) Attended RAG London

London, England
April 24th – 25th 2018
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(PAST) Attended RSA Conference 2018

San Francisco, CA
April 16th-20th 2018
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(PAST) Attended Cloud Security Expo 2018

London, England
March 21st – 22nd 2018
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(PAST) Attended Mobile World Congress 2018

Barcelona, Spain
February 26th – March 1st 2018
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Spoke at "Revolutionizing Mobile Network Security" at MWC with speakers from Palo Alto Networks and AT&T

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain
February 28th 2018
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(PAST) Attended CyberTech Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel
January 29th – 31st 2018
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(PAST) Attended the Nokia Global Analyst Forum

Helsinki, Finland
December 12th-13th 2017

(PAST) Attended BlackHat Europe

London, England
December 4th-5th 2017
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(PAST) Participated In The Great Telco Debate

London, England
November 30th 2017
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(PAST) HardenStance attended Telefonica's Security Event For Industry Analysts

London, England
October 18th 2017

(PAST) HardenStance Attended VM World 2017 Europe

Barcelona, Spain,
September 11th – 14th 2017
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(PAST) HardenStance attended CloudSec 2017

London, England
September 5th 2017
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(PAST) HardenStance Attended BlackHat USA

Las Vegas, NV
July 26th – 27th 2017
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(PAST) HardenStance attended Palo Alto Networks "IGNITE" event

June 12th, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

(PAST) HardenStance attended Juniper's Security POC Event

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 25th 2017

(PAST) HardenStance attended IBM Security's European Analyst Day

London, England
May 19th 2017

(PAST) HardenStance attended Nokia's Security Event For Industry Analysts (and Nokia Hackathon)

Espoo, Finland
January 27th 2017